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Selling leading brand air compressors from Japan, Europe and America

Air Compressor (air compressor), Air Dryer (air dryer), Air Quality (air quality improvement equipment), Spare part (air pump spare parts) and various services

Such as Installation, installation service, Preventive Maintenance, preventive maintenance service, Efficiency Test, measuring the efficiency of air compressors.

Providing advice on Designing air systems in industrial plants by engineers with more than 18 years of experience, providing services in various fields.
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Products and Services

Services of MM1986 Engineering


Monthly, yearly preventive inspection services with performance reports on customers' air compressors. and keep customer history With a team of engineers and expert technicians More than 18 years of work experience in preventive maintenance (PM), with details as follows:

  • Air Compressor / air pump
  • Air Dryer / Air drying machine
  • Mainline Filter / Filtering equipment
  • Air Receiver Tank / Air Receiver Tank
  • Drain System/ Drain System

The goal of Preventive Maintenance is to maintain the efficiency of the air system. To be at the highest point and reduce the chance of a break down of the system. This is done to avoid problems with the user's production line system causing loss and to be able to control the production line to work according to schedule.

Over Haul

Over Haul service and repair of all models of air compressors. All brands by a team of experts and modern tools Work on time and get the quality as desired

Installation & Consut

Installation service for air pipe systems, water pipes, gas pipes, and stream pipes.
(BS-M/Stainless/HDPE/PPR) Installation service, PM electrical system, DB/MDB electrical system, ready to give advice. The wind system is designed by experienced and expert engineers.


Air tank safety inspection service Check the thickness of the air tank. Using the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge tool and testing the pressure relief of the Safety Valve of the air tank.
Compressed Air System Audit
Measuring service, analyzing air consumption and energy consumption of compressed air systems
With modern equipment and technology We can measure And accurately analyze the air consumption and energy consumption of your compressed air system during each use period.

Air Compressor Efficiency Audit

Measure the efficiency of the air compressor (Air Compressor) to measure the amount of air used in the compressed air system. How is it used? Is that enough? How are the machines being used? Measure the amount of air making (FAD)electric power used Maximum pressure that can be achieved Cost of electricity per unit of production, etc.